Three scholarships are offered through FAA&F: the Franklin Scholarship,the Gilman Scholarship and the Roy Nakagawa Scholarship. Students are nominated by Franklin staff, applications are reviewed and approved by the FAA&F Board each spring and are given at the Awards Assembly in June.

Franklin Scholarship

The Class of 1935 established a scholarship in 2000. Initial funding came from one graduate and then each year the class made additional donations. In 2005, at the request of members of the Class of 1935, FAA&F took over administration of the scholarship. Alumni are invited to donate to the scholarship fund as an option during our membership drive. Students hear about the scholarship through the counseling office and they submit applications. Recommendations for awards are made by the FAA&F Board – based on financial need, social service and academic success – and the scholarships (checks made to the school each student will attend) are given out at the Awards Assembly in June. Each year three to five graduating seniors receive scholarships of $1000 to help pay for education beyond high school. The number of scholarships depends on funds available.

Franklin Scholarship Recipients since 2005

2016: Ngoc Che, Connie Chen, Tamatalosiaoaiga Mose, Ajhane Richardson, Judy Wu
2015: Leonice Bizimana, Dashamena Ebo, Amina Ibrahim, Rohmah Ismael, Farhiyae Mahmood
2014: Gabrielle Balanon, Hailey Maruoka, Anita Nguyen, Alan Tan, Allen Tran, Richard Vuu
2013: Ying Dang, Daphne Lu, Yordanos Mulu,Telia Royal
2012: Pierre Borders, Malisha Cooper-Suggs, Abdul Mohamad, Meihong Zhong
2011: Jamie Ngoc Dao, Asma Ahmed, Wintana Solomon Haile, Roda Sugulle
2010: Patrixia Paraiso, Marie Angeles, Rebecca Vong, Doll Lee-McClain
2009: Margarita (Maggie) Gonzalez, Courtney Johnson, Florence Sum
2008: Donna Quach, Diana Ratsamee, Amando Robancho
2007: Kristopher Chan, Victoria Lee Simmons, Karen Uchol
2006: Shakura Felder, Shaunita Felder, Dilom Fesaha
2005: Le Tran

Gilman Scholarship

Robert “Bud” Gilman ('35) worked as a jazz pianist, playing in a number of locations in Seattle as well as other parts of the country. In addition he worked as a middle school counselor. His sister Bonnie Rattner (’53) established the Gilman Scholarship fund in 2008 from his estate. “We both loved music, and we knew that it can be very difficult to make money as a musician and to get assistance to study. I wanted to establish this scholarship to recognize students choosing this field that gives so much joy to people,” stated Bonnie. 

Gilman Scholarship Recipients

2014: Bill John Robancho
2013: Josh Valdez
2012: Danny Lee
2011 No awards
2010: Cedric P Thomas II
2009: Aaron Springer, Cameron Springer
2008: Michael Chan, Jonathan Dao, Steven Truong

Roy Nakagawa Achieve to Succeed Scholarship

Roy Nakagawa ('35) was the captain of the football team and fondly recollected his experience at Franklin until his death in 2014. The following year his family established a scholarship in his name, with at least one each year to be awarded to a student who had been on the football team. 


2016: Alex Arias, Emma Guerra Escobar
2015: Jamari Lewis, Nicole Wong