Between 1996 and 2012 FAA&F raised approximately $300,000 to support Franklin students and programs.

In 2013 the board decided that the most effective way to support the educational experience at Franklin was to make a predictable allocation available to the Franklin staff each year. We made a commitment to allocate at least $30,000 a year.  

$13,500 is allocated to the athletics program. $5000 is allocated to Writers in the Schools, a program bringing writers in residence to schools each year. The remainder is allocated after coordinating with the Instructional Council (department heads and representatives of the administration). The IC requests proposals and recommendations are reviewed by the Board. 

2016 Grants

  • Field trips for culinary program, Public Service Academy, Academy of Finance, CREATE Academy
  • Shakespeare Workshop 
  • New kiln for ceramics program
  • Art supplies for muraling program
  • Funding for leadership course Link Team
  • Sound system for Commons

2015 Grants

  • Fine arts: frames for arts exhibits, sound supplies and rights for a musical performance
  • Family and Consumer Sciences – restaurant field trips for the culinary program
  • Physical Education –  indoor rowing machines for new curriculum
  • Special Education – Special Olympics participation fees
  • World Language – headsets and microphones
  • XBot robotics program – stipend for coaching 

2014 Grants

  • Lab equipment (O2 and CO2 detectors) for the science department
  • Supplies for the mural program
  • Field trips for culinary arts, bilingual program and language arts
  • Software to screen student work for plagiarism (widely used in other schools